1st Place of GCCU Award

Telkom CorpU achieved 1st place of GCCU Award for best overall Corporate University category.

The Global Council of Corporate Universities Awards recognizes the best Corporate Universities / Academies / Campuses / Learning & Development structures at the global scale that create strategic value for business, people, organizations and society.

1st Place of MAKE Award – Indonesia

The Indonesian MAKE Study is conducted, to enable enterprises in Indonesia to benchmark how successful their knowledge strategy is when compared to competitors or the world’s leading knowledge driven enterprises and encourage leaders in creating intellectual capital and wealth through transformation of individual/ enterprise knowledge into world class products/services/solutions.

Indonesian MAKE Study is the most comprehensive Knowledge Enterprise (Management) Event in Indonesia.

It is Dunamis aspirations’ that Indonesian MAKE Study becomes the barometer of the knowledge management best practices in Indonesia. We believe with more organizations in Indonesia becoming a knowledge-based organization, the dream for Indonesia to have a culture of excellence will become closer to reality.

Telkom CorpU won the 1st place of MAKE Award – Indonesia.

5th Place of MAKE Award – Asia

PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk has achieved a 5th place of MAKE Award – Asia from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and received a 4th place of MAKE Award – Global Independent Operating Unit as the only Company in Indonesia with 12 others Global Company.

The annual Asian MAKE Award is organized by an independent international research organization in knowledge management (KM) to recognize Asia’s organizations and enterprises for their ability to leverage corporate knowledge to deliver superior performance in the areas of innovation, operational effectiveness and excellence in services and products.

4th Place of MAKE Award – Global Independent Operating Unit

PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk has achieved a 5th place of MAKE Award –