Business Recommendation

Aside from training and knowledge management events, in order to help the company achieve its vision and mission, TCU also collaborates and conducts research that result in Business Recommendations.

Business recommendations are good suggestions, both in the form of learning solution and non-learning solution, given by TCU to the related Dean and/or Business Unit, based on various analyses and studies in various discipline on real condition / problem that have occurred to help improve its performance.Quite different from ordinary Learning Solution creation – where mostly the driver is a need to cover a gap between person / business performance with market requirement, in business recommendation’s process the drive misty coming from an intrigue desire to improve business process – whatever the format of its business is. Business Recommendation can be treat as a business enabler-it will open a new way to improve business unit.

Business Recommendation Goals

Business recommendation can be value as an offering of new business process to achieve one of these goals

  1. Doing business in a more efficient way a simplify the process
  2. Increase level of cooperation
  3. Cost of effectiveness
  4. Incubating a more positive behavior
  5. Identify business opportunity
  6. Innovation